Krone has unique expertise in the field of level measurement technology, with capabilities not only in standard applications, but also in applications which are considered challenging and which require tailor-made solutions. Level devices include non-contact level (radar and ultrasonic), contact level (TDR guided radar), level switches and other level technologies.

Features includes:

  • Radar devices based on the TDR principle, using guided electromagnetic pulses.High accuracy and reliability, even in difficult applications, and by a unique,innovative operating philosophy.
  • Complete series of level switches for liquids and solids and mechanical level meters
  • Solutions for the highest temperatures and pressures, KROHNE

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L & J Technologies
L & J Technologies was founded in 1976 and has been an industry leader in level gauging solutions for over 35 years. Our products utilize the most advanced features on the market and L&J engineering is committed to providing cost –effective, highly precise and innovative level gauging solutions. We specialize in non-contact radar, servo and float & tape gauges. L&J offers the widest variety of application specific
level gauging solutions on the market

Features includes:

  • Independent wireless or wired, self-checking, Hi, Hi-Hi level alarm indication for overflow/spill protection
  • Process Tank Radar Level with + 3mm Accuracy, Storage Tank Radar Level with + 1mm Accuracy.
  • Inventory Management, Touch Screen HMI, to monitor up to 1000 tanks on 32 loops, S.M.A.R.T. Diagnostics.
  • Supports Non-L&J Gauges and Protocols, Multi-Server/ Multi-Client/Multi-Field/Multi-Vendor.

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KELLER America
KELLER America has been developing a wide range of pressure transducers since the company’s founder, H.W. Keller, developed the first integrated pressure measuring cell at Honeywell Research Center in Minneapolis. KELLER America offers a diverse selection of submersible level/pressure transducers/transmitters and threaded pressure transducers/transmitters. The submersible level transducers are designed to meet the rigorous environments encountered in liquid level measurement and control. KELLER America has a strong reputation with A.E. design engineering firms as the preferred solution for continuous liquid level monitoring in the U.S.A. KELLER America is well established in the following markets: landfill leachate level, lift stations, hydroelectric facilities, pump control, level control, surface water monitoring, well monitoring, groundwater monitoring, flood monitoring, open channel monitoring, lake, stream and reservoir levels, along with watershed management.

Features includes:

  • 316L SS or Titanium Construction with Polyethylene, Hytrel or Tefzel (ETFE) cable.
  • Wide Range of accuracies, submersible ranges from 3 ftH2O to 900 ftH2O , multiple analog and digital outputs, guaranteed lifetime lightning protection (standard on most 4-20mA units), drying tube (vent filter) or bellows for moisture protection, vented/sealed/absolute versions.
  • 2 Year Standard Warranty.
  • 3 business day standard shipment
  • Analog and Digital Outputs

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WIKA Level
WIKA has a comprehensive range of level measuring instruments available for temperatures up to 450°C, densities from 400 kg/m³ and pressure ranges up to 500 bar. The product spectrum includes bypass level indicators, sight glass level indicators, magnetic float switches and optoelectronic switches. Customer-specific designs complete the WIKA offering.

Features includes:

  • Magnetic Level Indicator, Magnetostrictive Transmitter, Reed Chain Transmitter Dry Contact Switch, Reed Switch.
  • Custom drawing approval for every packaged design, ISO 9001:2008, FM Approved.
  • Built in Thermocouple or RTD, Guided Wave Radar in Dual Chamber.

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