OEM Markets

APG (Automation Products Group)
APG offers a wide selection of level, position and pressure sensors. APG ultrasonic sensors are primarily used for tank level/volume detection, but have also been adopted by automation integrators for position detection. APG digital pressure gauges have a variety of features to meet the most dynamic OEM applications. APG float sensors (Magnet restrictive, Resistive, Kari Float, Mechanical) offer a range of technologies and price points to meet most OEM’s needs as to form, fit, function and price. Whether your need is for general purpose or hazardous area explosion proof, simple relay or multi-channel level-over-Ethernet, single tank or complex wide tank farm management system, APG has the right level/position sensor to meet your every need.

APi(Absolute Process Instruments)/Cecomp
APi offers a variety of signal conditions for interfacing process I/O. APi products are used as DC Alarm Trips, DC to mA conversion, signal splitting, frequency I/O, loop isolators, power supplies, potentiometer input, P-I converters, RTD alarms and transmitters, load cell amplifiers, thermocouple alarms and transmitters, and valve positioners. Cecomp digital pressure gauges are offered with a variety of builds to meet specific industry, OEM and integrator design needs. Solutions include I.S. design, sanitary, alarms and communication output, battery powered or hard line powered, on-board memory storage and loop powered. Cecomp pressure gauges are becoming the industry standard in aerospace, automotive racing, industrial tire equipment monitoring, turbine engine, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, etc.

Badger Meter
Badger Meter is a world leader in flow measurement technology since 1905. Badger Meter offers over 20 different individual brands of monitoring flow of liquid, gas and slurry process. Technologies include impeller, positive displacement, oval gear, turbine, vortex shedding, ultrasonic clamp-on, variable area, coriolis, differential pressure, electromagnetic, nutating disc and oscillating piston. Badger Meter offers a solution to fit virtually every OEM process monitoring application.

Celesco offers a wide selection of cable extension and rotary position transducers, commonly called string pots or draw-wire sensors. Celesco transducers detect and measure linear position and velocity using a flexible cable and spring-loaded spool. Celesco pioneered this innovative design and continues to enhance it. We have established OEM’s utilizing Celesco products in the following markets: Automotive, AGV’s, Machine Building, Motor Design, Elevator, Conveyor Systems, Forklift, Crash Test, Medical Bed, Etc. The parent company, Measurement Specialties, now pairs other miniature and sub-miniature sensing technologies including accelerometers, pressure, temperature, torque, load, force, and level.

FCI(Fluid Components International)
FCI supplies industrial/commercial equipment and machinery and control system designers with a diverse and technical range of requirements for flow and level sensing products. FCI provides flow/level sensors for air, gas, liquid and slurry and well as flow conditioners for when straight run is at short supply. Features include non-moving parts, high accuracy, fast responding, wide flow range, line size for ¼” to 60”, ultra-low flow sensitivity, wide process temperature and pressure ranges.

Offering a wide selection of instrumentation to meet the OEM needs and requirements. Flow meters for a variety liquids and gases, tank level management for liquid and bulk process media, flow controllers, temperature sensors for a variety of application requirements, viscosity and liquid analytical solutions for niche market application.

LJ Star
We offer the No. 1 selling fused sight glass, installed in more plants around the world than any other brand. A unique combination of metal and glass formulas make Metaglas sight glasses 4.5x stronger than comparable products. The results are superior safety, a wider operating range, and a long, worry-free service life. Sanitary and Industrial process connections, visual flow indicators, sight glass lights, process vessel cameras, hygenic bubble traps, gauge glass and a variety of sight glass accessories.

Advanced Energy
Advanced Energy offers a variety of sensors for both industrial process monitoring and R&D application usage. Solutions include non-contact(fixed and portable) temperature measurement(pyrometers and thermal imagers), OEM gas analyzers, fiber optic temperature solutions, blackbody calibration sources and dissolved gas analyzers. Let us find a solution for your next challenging application.

Metrix Instruments
Metrix Instruments is the preferred supplier of industrial vibration monitoring systems and services to many of the world’s leading OEM’s of cooling towers, gas turbines, reciprocating compressors and other rotating and reciprocating machinery. Metrix pioneered the concept of simple, affordable machinery protection with our mechanical vibration switch offerings, revolutionary 4-20ma vibration transmitters, robust high-temperature velocity sensors and innovative impact transmitter technology.

MTL Instruments
Over 40 years of experience, MTL Instruments has the expertise and product portfolio to offer expert advice and help optimize the performance, efficiency and operational challenges of your installation. Whether you are upstream or downstream – onshore or offshore – floating or submerged, MTL has the certified products to keep your assets safe in the hazardous area. Products include I.S. Barriers, HART Interfacing, Process Alarm Equipment, Industrial Security, Surge Protection, HMI and Visualization, Industrial Wireless, Fieldbus, Industrial Ethernet, Gas Analyzers, Process I/O and Signal Conditioning.

Established in 1983, Sensidyne is a premier provider of gas detection and air sampling instrumentation. Sensidyne provides gas detection solutions a broad range of industry hazards; oxygen depletion, toxic gases and combustible gases. Our sensors include Electro Chemical, Catalytic Bead, IR, PID, UV/IR for open path gasdetection and flame detections. Additional features include single and multi-channel controllers, wireless, Ethernet, Modbus, and dual channel detectors.

WIKA Level has a comprehensive range of level measuring instruments available for temperatures up to 450 °C, densities from 400 kg/m³ and pressure range up to 500 bar. The product spectrum includes bypass indicators, sight glass level indicators, magnetic float switches and optoelectronic switches. Customer-specific special designs complete the WIKA offering. WIKA Temperature product portfolio includes mechanical and electrical thermocouples, resistance thermometers with a variety of options to meet multiple industry/application needs. Measuring from -200… +1600 °C, temperature controllers and digital indicators complete the range of products. Gayesco temperature division provides measurement solutions for a variety of refinery applications; from fractionization, distillation and cracking units to your recovery blending and storage areas. Clamp on tube skin and reactor multipoint thermocouple completes the temperature product offering.

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