Cecomp digital pressure gauges are offered with a variety of builds to meet specific industry, OEM and integrator design needs. Cecomp does offer a Sani Gauge Series of digital pressure gauges with 3A approval. The Sani Gauge series can be battery powered or hard line powered, 4-20 mA loop powered, alarms and retransmission output.
The Sani Gauge is popular amongst food processing, food packaging, dairy, breweries
and pharmaceutical.

FCI (Fluid Components International
FCI supplies industrial/commercial equipment and machinery and control system designers with a diverse and technical range of requirements for flow and level sensing products. FCI provides sanitary mass flow meters for air and gas applications, sanitary flow and level switches for air, gas, liquid and slurry applications. Features include non-moving parts, high accuracy, fast responding, wide flow range, line size for ¼” to 60”, ultra-low flow sensitivity, wide process temperature and pressure ranges.

IITT Neon-Dyn
ITT Neon-Dyn manufacturers a complete line of mechanical pressure and temperature gauges. These gauges are used in a variety of applications to provide real time protection of critical assets. ITT offers a sanitary pressure switch that is field adjustable, intended for low to medium pressure applications, tri-clamp compatible, polished of 9-11 micro inch Ra.


Offering a wide selection of instrumentation to meet the sanitary process market needs and requirements. Sanitary designs for monitoring flow, level, pressure, temperature, analysis. OPTIQUAD online analyzer for protein, fat, lactose, oil FFA, used water COD, etc.… Viscoline provides an in-line viscosity measurement of products for better control and adjustment to recipes. Example applications include raw milk with high air content, measuring quantity of heat produced in the brewing process, measure layer of thickness in a centrifuge, level of flour in mill silos, mass flow measurement of milk tanker loading, mass flow of various cheese’s, inline aromatization of foam in confectionery production process, inline blending.

LJ Star
L.J. Star offers a complete line of sanitary process observation equipment for biotechnology, pharmaceutical and food & beverage industry. Sanitary products include, visual flow indicators, sight glass windows, high-pressure in line connections, clamps, bubble traps, LED lights, fiber optic lights, hygienic camera systems, precision hygienic clamps.

WIKA has a comprehensive range of temperature products for sanitary market applications. Approvals include FDA (Food & Drug Admin.), EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group), 3-A Sanitary Standards, ASME BPE (Bio Processing Equipment). WIKA supplies a wide range of measuring instruments with manufacturer-specific sanitary process connections such as tri-clamp connections DIN 32676, milk thread connection DIN 11851, clamp connections DIN 32676, clamp ISO 2852 and ASME BPE, aseptic connections to DIN 11864, NEUMO, VARIVENT, for sterile or aseptic applications.


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