Metrix Instrument Company manufactures the industries first 4-20mA vibration transmitters and a complete line of vibration equipment to measure, monitor and provide early warning of potential machinery failures as well as provide personal protection.

The product line includes vibration switches, transmitters, proximity sensors, alarm monitors and portable meters for turbo machinery, cooling towers, compressors, pumps and gearboxes.

The industrial market place including chemical, power generation, oil refineries, gas processing, paper and steel production facilities approve of Metrix ISO 9001 certification and their continuous goal in providing quality solutions for machine condition monitoring.
Features are:

  • Explosion-proof and weatherproof enclosures available
  • Wide variety of product certifications
  • Worldwide support through U.S. Distributors and factory sales and service offices

PMC/BETA manufactures a complete line of Vibration Switches and Vibration Monitors. PMC/BETA was the first to supply solid state Vibration Switches to protect rotating machinery. Two-Wire Vibration Transmitters and full function machine condition monitoring systems are also available. These instruments are used to provide early warning of potential machine failures as well as provide personal protection.

Markets served are OEM Machine manufacturers, chemical, various Waste Water Treatment Plants, power generation, oil refineries, paper and steel production facilities.
Features are:

  • Dual Alarm and Shutdown capability in one switch w/4 – 20 mA output.
  • Explosive proof and weatherproof enclosures.
  • Worldwide support through Factory Authorized Representatives.
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